One of the major challenges for anyone who has a business and offers online service is the safety of customers in the network. This implies the various investments that are required for the company stability and customer data. The doubt for those who have this type of business is how to offer security for the ones who use it, agility for those who deliver and robustness for the ones who offer an online service.

We are here to reflect upon this!

Let's think about the financial sector for example, which is one of the most likely to be hacked, defrauded and has transactional risks, among others. Banks and fintechs, in particular, have the great challenge of delivering security in their digital products. So it is necessary to consider security solutions in accessing online business on any device and of course without damaging the user experience.

In order to grow, a fintech needs to offer applications, accessible portals and APIs that are easily integrated with business partners. This agility is necessary because this is what is important in the construction and availability of new products and services.

But is that just what the financial sector needs to worry about?

No, we still need to think about preventing risks related to leaking of information in the connection, vulnerabilities in the source code of apps and APIS, access by fraudsters, password stealing, attempted attacks and a multitude of dangers that online services are susceptible to suffer. What's more, regardless of whether the services are in a datacenter, or in a private or public cloud, your online business needs to pay attention to that.

And that is when you need to think about how you will enable online access security without undermining the user experience. But we know exactly how to help you: you need a specialized cyber security company.

How can a cyber security company help my business?

If you have any type of business that offers online access, a cyber security company can provide a specific solution for access security, from authentication, mutual authentication, social login, among others. If your business is in the financial sector, a cyber security company can help you with anti-fraud services, transactional risk, mutual authentication of the server appliance to avoid hacker interception and more.

The Qriar Cybersecurity company offers an authentication and authorization platform called Secure Digital Access, in which the APIs of your business are exposed to different access channels in a safe way. This is possible because it is generated from an elastic access gateway (made available in your datacenter or on any cloud platform) along with built-in security libraries in the applications and portals.


This platform has many different features:

_ Provides robustness and security by eliminating undue, excessive or malicious calls to APIs;

_ It allows establishing mutual trust between device, user and application, establishing secure access channels, encrypted and individualized, through techniques such as Mutual TLS, Certificate Pinning, authentication / authorization via OAuth, among others;

_ Performs risk assessment in real-time access, taking into account factors such as fingerprint / unique identification of devices, geolocation, and behavior of the user and their transactions, in a transparent way for the same;

_ Strong authentication using OTP tokens to users, combined with device and access channel authentication, in a transparently way and in line with the transaction risk, ie after login in, a new authentication is requested if suspicious behavior or transactions. If a channel or device is considered high risk, the session is not even allowed;

_ Simplifies integration with various devices and partners in different channels (including IoT), performing all the translation, transformation and adaptation of API traffic, with scalability and security.

It is very important to think of a solution that will ensure that the services offered to your customers are presented in a secure way, thus ensuring correct tool operation, consumption and protection against vulnerability, reducing threats to the internal network of institutions sensitive information of their users.

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